30+ Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

21. Over Time This Handsome Guy Became Very Comfortable In My Friend’s Backyard

22. We Lost The Dude In The Sled About A Mile Back, But Who Cares, We’re Having Too Much Fun


23. Zero F*cks Given


24. F*cks Given Level: Goose


25. This Dog Who Doesn’t Give A Damn And Just Sits On Others


26. Some Cats Just Don’t Give A F*ck

27. Wife Drives To Grandma’s House. Amount Of F*cks Given By Our New Rescue Cat: Zero


28. This Capybara Is Too Tired To Care

Mok Nali

29. Unimpressed Dog Is Unimpressed

30. This Asshole Flew Through Two Panes Of Glass. Shook It Off. Destroyed My Bedroom. Shit On Everything He Destroyed, And Then Had The Audacity To Smile At Me As He Was Being Escorted From The Premises