40 Times People Share Frugal Living Advices

People shared frugal living advices in a subreddit and here are 40 of them. These might help you with everyday issues too.

1. I Work At A Travel Agency, And When We Have To “Destroy” Our Outdated Maps, I Reuse Them As Wrapping Paper

frugal livingsaxamaphone710

2. Girlfriend And I Wanted A Large Mirror On Our Wall, But Didn’t Want To Spend $$$ So We Found 6 Small Closet Door Mirrors On Sale For $4 Each


3. I Saw A Previous Post Which Used Old Maps As Wrapping Paper, So Here Is My Old Music Used As Wrapping Paper!

frugal livingBeanut_Putterr

4. Didn’t Want To Waste The Failed Films So I Turned Them Into Little Paintings


5. Enjoying The Porch Of Our New Home, Where We Live Rent Free As Caretakers Of A Wildlife Sanctuary. Eight Hours Of Labor A Week In Exchange For What Would Be At Least $1300/Month

frugal livingharpo02

6. Don’t Pay For Scientific Journals


7. Money Is A Bit Tight Right Now So I Made Some Homemade Halloween Decorations. Turned Out Pretty Good, I Think

frugal livingWilliamHarry

8. I Made Shelves Using Recycled Thrift Store Speakers


9. Our Canning Haul For The Year, Still Have To Do Apples Yet. All Home Grown Veggies

frugal livinghippo_lives_matter

10. My Wife’s Great Aunt Has Been Saving On A Birthday Card For 35 Years With Her Friend As They Just Send Each Other The Same Card Back And Forth To Each Other Every Year. How Cool Is The Card And The Story That It Has Created?