This Cafe Offers Free Cup Of Tea To Breastfeeding Moms

The Willows Café in Sydney is one of the most looked forward places by breastfeeding moms. This is mainly because the breastfeeding moms get a free cup of tea for relaxing when they are at the café. The Willows Café, located in the suburb of Willoughby, has a signboard saying that the moms just have to come in and sit without having to order anything and they will have a free cup of tea!

This is a sign that has gone viral among new moms and they already have started frolicking to this place to sit and feed their new born. While there are other countries which think breastfeeding is an indecent act, this act by the café in Sydney is a welcome one we wish more people addressed real issues like these rather than focusing on things that are not important.

 free tea for breastfeeding mothers

 free tea for breastfeeding mothers

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