Freakishly Tall Woman on Book Cover Breaks the Internet

The Internet has always been a savage place. One mistake, and you are out. This is the case for everyone. Even for the most famous and important artists around the world. This time, the victim of the internet is a freakishly tall woman on the book cover. People all over the world joined forces to solve the mystery of this illustration.

The cover of Deadly Welcome created a mystery for internet users. Actually, the book cover was drawn by one of the most famous illustrators, Robert E. McGinnis. McGinnis also draw some other famous covers and posters. These include Breakfast at Tiffany’s and James Bond Films. Also, he made the movie poster for The Incredibles. However, book cover he made for John D. MacDonald in 1965 break the internet. Well, what is the answer to this tall woman on the book cover?

Of course, there are hundreds of theories to explain this mystery. It is clear that Robert E. McGinnis is a talented illustrator from his famous works.

So, he must have thought of something when drawing this woman. When we think normally, the woman has amazingly long legs that are impossible in real life.

One of the best answers is that the woman is standing on a dog. This is rather absurd, but it is still funny to think of.

And the most logical one is the floor has to slope. The materials used outside and inside are different. So, it is possible that the floor is not flat. And this explains the tall legs of the woman.

There are some other funny theories. The woman may have piles some sand behind her feet to stand tall.

Also, she still might have freakishly tall legs and she might even be a real-world giant.

People have gone crazy and even photoshopped celebrities to the man in the picture.