This Solemn Forest Chapel in Japan Imitates Two Hands Clasped in Prayer

Prayer means something different to everyone, and religion is something that is precious to most of us one way or another. Take this chapel in Japan that perfectly imitates two hands that are clasped together in prayer. Churches that imitate things normally seem as something ridiculous and insulting, but it is clear that this particular one is as solemn as the forest that surrounds it, making you rethink your idea of what a church should look like.


It’s intriguing to see the different shapes of the building and to see just how serious and loved it is by all those who go there to get away from the busy world and be alone with their prayers. The chapel was named as a winner in the religious buildings and memorials category in this year’s Architizer A+Awards, an awards program that celebrates the year’s best in architecture and products. (via Yellowtrace)