30 Photos Of Things Looking Like Delicious Food But You Should Not Try To Eat (New Pics)

11. Pass Me A Banana. Actually, I’m Alright

look like fooddanruse

12. I Almost Ate A Praying Mantis That Was In My Salad

look like foodDirgeofElliot

13. Forbidden Thanksgiving Turkey

look like foodtheegoofball

14. Forbidden Avocado

look like foodmigraine_boy

15. The Wood In This Tree Looks Like Spaghetti And Tomato Sauce


16. I Found A Rock That Looks Like Bread With A Bite Taken Out Of It

look like foodGamerLobster

17. Forbidden Honey


18. Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Ham


19. Forbidden Crème Brulée

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20. My Over-Baked Lap Croissant

Rosie RJ