This Just In – Smelling Farts May Be Good For Your Health

Okay, so no one wants to read a title like that.  Farts are gross and terrible and you tend not to think about them, let alone want to smell them (be them yours or somebody else’s.)  The truth of it is, though, scientists have discovered some groundbreaking evidence that suggests farts can actually be helpful and help you keep from developing those diseases like cancer and diabetes.  The reason is because they release hydrogen sulfide, which is dangerous for you in big doses, but can help keep your mitochondria healthy in small amounts.  Now, stay with me.  If your mitochondria are healthy and staying strong, you will be able to fend off those cell destroying diseases that will try to infiltrate your body and take over. For those of you that are at high risk of such problems, you may want to try smelling a fart or two every now and then, even though it seems gross.  It may save your life, you never know!  Yes, it’s gross, but we all do things that we don’t want to do to preserve our lives and health, so why not smell the occasional fart once in a while?

Researchers believe that smelling farts can be good for your health because farts contain hydrogen sulfide, which can help prevent mitochondrial damage


If you keep mitochondria healthy and intact, diseases like cancer have trouble forming and spreading.

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So the next time you get a whiff of a fart, don’t turn your nose up in disgust! Celebrate it. You could be preserving your long-term health.

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