This Family Comes Up With Innovative Signs To Tell Us About Why Their Dog Is On The Roof And It Goes Viral All Over The Internet.

Huckleberry is a dog who prefers to spend time on rooftops of the owner’s house as he loves the view from up above and to further spice up things, his owners have put up a note asking people for not to be alarmed. The note claims that they perfectly know what their dog is doing and have ensured the safety of their dog always.

They claim that they do not leave the dog without the presence of someone and there is no way the dog jumps off the roof unless there is food or a bill prompting him to do so. The note also mentions that they appreciate the concern of passerby people. However, he also says that they are free to click his pictures but not knock on the door. He even created a hashtag on Instagram #hucktheroofdog and it is becoming popular.


Huckleberry is the dog who loves to live on the roof of his owner.

There is a ‘Don’t be alarmed’ note posted as well.

They also claim that they are aware of the dog’s whereabouts.

The note reads that users are free to click his pictures but not to knock on the door.