Facebook Unites A Woman Who Had Lost Her Cat Over 2 Years Ago

Jimmy was a cat that loved to go outdoors and was highly adventurous. No matter where he went, he would always return to his owners eventually. However, one fine day, as he set out for the day as usual, he never came back, said Sue Zelitsky; the owner of Jimmy. She was depressed and started searching for Jimmy everywhere possible. With days passing and after it had been a few weeks, Sue lost all hopes of her getting to see Jimmy again!

It was nearly 30 months after Jimmy left that she found a post on Facebook by West Milford Animal Shelter that showed a stray cat who was found on the streets and looked exactly like Jimmy. What was more shocking is that, Jimmy was located only 10 miles away from her home and Sue’s excitement knew no bounds when she got to see Jimmy again. When she was Jimmy after such a long span, she started crying and Jimmy just walked over to her!

Have a look at Jimmy, the cat who went out one day and never came back; making the owner Sue feel disappointed.

It was over 30 months and they had lost all hopes of getting to see him ever again.

On a Facebook page, the owner saw Jimmy suddenly and she immediately rushed to meet him.

When she saw Jimmy, she was extremely happy and started crying!

It was indeed a heart-warming reunion!

More info: Facebook (h/t)