20+ Coincidences Showing That The Life Is The Biggest Prankster

Coincidences are life’s favorite way of messing with people. Here’s a list combined of epic or funny coincidences that will hopefully make you smile!

1. Cat knocked down the fishbowl and then this happened…


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2. The lightning appeared right when the camera started taking the picture.

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3. Be the rainbow.

amazing coincidences
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4. When you just start learning archery and make the most impossible shot ever:

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5. When you can’t choose what to drive… or what to wear:

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6. These puppies were born with their own numbers, nobody can mistake them now!

amazing coincidences

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7. A glitch in the Matrix in the McDonald’s drive-thru

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8. There’s luck and then there’s this!

amazing coincidences
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9. This guy has been trying to take a lightning picture for a whole year, and when it finally happened…

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10. A very rare full-circle rainbow

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11. She was born to do this job.

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12. When you and your nephew’s birthday gift have matching outfits:

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