Echizen Daibutsu: The Tallest Seated Buddha Statue With The Shortest History

Japan’s Taishizan Seidaiji Temple in Katsuyama hosts Echizen Daibutsu (Echizen Great Buddha), one of the tallest seated statues of Buddha. It was based on the seated statue of Ryumon Hosenji Temple in China and was built on May 28, 1987. A wealthy businessman from Katsuyama funded the building of the temple since he wanted to express gratitude to his hometown for his success. For this reason, the statue is also known as the ”Success Daibutsu”. In 2002, the temple became a formal religious building.

With a height of 17 meters, 2 meters taller than the Great Buddha of Nara, it is the tallest seated Buddha statue in Japan. Although Echizen Daibutsu is taller than the other seated statues, it is not as famous as them because of its short history, making it the tallest and the youngest seated Buddha statue in Japan.

taishizan seidaiji temple, Echizen Daibutsu

17 meters tall Echizen Daibutsu
Echizen Daibutsu

Standing Buddha statue in the Great Buddha Hall


Another striking feature of the Great Buddha Hall where the Echizen Daibutsu is situated is the 1.281 smaller Buddha statues enshrined on the wall.

great buddha hall, Echizen Daibutsu
great buddha hall, Echizen Daibutsu

The temple also has the highest five-storied pagoda, which is 75 meters high, in all of Japan.

five storied pagoda, Echizen Daibutsu
five storied pagoda, Echizen Daibutsu