Dying Woman Holds 19-Year-Old Service Dog Close. Dog’s Next Move Has Everyone In Tears

Dogs are not only faithful and intelligent animals but an incredible species as well. Their loyalty cannot be questioned. Some people adopt them because of their friendly nature, some for their loyalty to a fault. Some people use them for complex tasks like bomb detection. But very few know that they are also used for therapy. Today’s story is inspirational as well as emotional. You may end up crying. Read below to find out more.

Baxter, 19 and half years old, was the world’s oldest, committed and certified therapy dog. Baxter’s owner, Melissa Joseph, trained him to see patients by offering them comfort, love and care. He voluntarily comforted many patients at the end of their lives in 16 years.

In his last days, as he was so old that he could not walk anymore, Melissa would put him in a wagon to take him to the people at San Diego’s hospice. He helped numerous people throughout his life by his love therapy. He was gifted by God with a sweet licking tongue which did wonders and made him a healing therapy dog, not just an ordinary dog. His soft fur and lovable licks were the source of soothing feelings to the dying aged patients. He assured them that he was with them and he understood their feelings. For some time, patients would forget all their pain and sufferings. They totally went in relaxation mode.

But no one knew that he would never come again to the hospice. That was his last day when he gave therapy session to a dying aged lady. He could not even move his hands but he made love to the lady for quite some time. Soon after he came back home, he died.

Watch the video below in which he can be seen giving therapy to his last patient. Without any doubt, this dog’s contribution will not be forgotten ever.