30 Amazing Before & After Pics Of Transformations Of People Who Quit Drugs

21. The Mug Shot Was My Lowest Point; Living On The Streets Using Heroin And Meth Daily


22. Today, I Have 61 Days Free From All Mood And Mind Altering Substances

drug addiction before aftertheaddictsdiary

23. Also Clean Off Heroin, 18 Months

drug addiction before afterbenjaminz100

24. He Was Drug Addicted And Found Sobriety In 2011. Now He’s Has Founded This Nonprofit Which Seeks To Help People That Are Just Like He Was

drug addiction before afterchadlogan3

25. Been A Long Road To Recovery, In More Ways Than One. But! 4 Years Clean From Meth

drug addiction before afterGeneratedUser

26. I Have Been In Recovery For A Year And A Half

Melissa Lee Matos

27. 5 Years Clean From Drugs

drug addiction before afterskee_bott

28. Today I Have 1 Year Clean And Sober

drug addiction before after


29. Things Could Have Worked Out Differently For Me


30. 1.5 Years Sober

drug addiction before afterskab_365