15 Fabulous Dream Homes In California You Wish You Lived In

Everyone would love to reside in a house that boasts the best of interiors, ambience and elegance, similar to the upscale addresses that would tempt you. The Golden State of California has many promising amenities to offer and people would love to own a comfortable residence in California. It is a beautiful place to reside and the natives of California are much warmer and are better hosts. Also, apart from the people, even the weather of California is inviting and is pleasant all through the year.

California also boasts of a number of hangout destinations that are popular. The nightlife of California is incredible and it is home to most of the popular nightclubs. Nature lovers can seek peace in the wonderful beaches present along the coastline or can attend the festivals that California is home to. There are several beaches along the coastline and it would be one of the best places to live in. So, your ideal destination for your dream house necessarily has to be California as it is home to some of the most wonderful offerings.

Scroll down to have a look at the best residences at California that boast of wonderful design, upscale lightings, architecture, interiors and scenic views from the house.

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