The Art of Christo Dagorov

Christo Dagorov (1970- present) is a Bulgarian contemporary artist who later immigrated to Switzerland in 1977. He started his artistic career with hyperrealistic works such as dilapidated machines. Later, he started to develop his own techniques, and he became known for his “Lips” series. In his works, Dagorov plays with the psychology of perception. That is, thee initial perception of forms turns into a much deeper and detailed subject.

As for his medium, he generally prefers goldpoint on paper rather than digital paintings. Additionally, Dagorov does not follow any particular movement although he is inspired by some of them like surrealism and 1930’s French Realism. Here are some works of Christo Dagorov posted on his Instagram account.

Lips Series 9.15

Lips Series 6.15: Waste

Christo Dagorov Lips Series


Christo Dagorov decay
Christo Dagorov

Lips Series 11.17

Christo Dagorov Lips Series

Lips Series 8.15

Christo Dagorov Lips Series


hands detail
hands detail

Lips Series 12.17: Affinity

Christo Dagorov Lips Series

Decay 2.19

decay detail

Human Race 3.21

human race
human race detail

Human Race 2.21

human race

The Paper Girl

paper girl

For more information: Christo Dagorov Website