30 People Meeting Their Doppelgangers In Unforeseen Places

Some people got a chance to meet their look-alikes and even get a doppelganger photo in random places. Surprisingly, they just kinda look similar in so many ways.

1. My Doppelganger Was Seated Next To Me On A Plane, Then We Accidentally Checked Into The Same Hotel And Went For A Beer

Lee Beattie

2. I Found My Literal Doppelgänger Just Now Wtf


3. I Ran Into My Doppelganger At My Cousin’s Wedding And She’s My Cousin’s Husband’s Sister, No Other Relation


4. My Friend Met His Doppelganger Last Night


5. When Retired Priest Neil Richardson Moved To Essex He Found People Kept Coming Up To Him To Say “Hello John” – Because His Double Already Lived There

Cascade News

6. My Own Doppelganger That I Ran Into At A Music Festival, Plus A Face-Swap Of The Photo


7. My Friend Found Her Doppelganger At A Party


8. My Friend Also Found His Doppelgänger At A Party


9. Doppelgangers. Truly Freaky

mr. baehr

10. Bumped Into My Doppelganger At Subic Bay. My Dad, Cousins And Brother Accidentally Mistook Her For Me, So My Aunty Asked Her If We Could Take A Photo Together