Artist Creates Adorable Art With His Bull Terrier

Artist Whose Wife Left Him With Nothing But A Dog Continues To Put Him In Fun Scenarios

Having your wife leave you and take the majority of your stuff along with her is never an easy time for someone.


With nothing but the bare walls of his apartment and his loyal dog, Rafael Mantesso didn’t sit around moping but instead got very creative with his newfound space.


After being left around the time of his 30th birthday (some present!), Mantesso used his loyal Pit Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo as the focal point for all of his designs, coming up with some outstanding illustrations in the process.


From rocking a Mohawk to flying with beautiful butterfly wings, the drawings on the white walls are done using only a black marker pen, outstanding imagination and some pretty great modeling work done by Jimmy.


“After my divorce, all I had was Jimmy, and blank empty walls. I realized they made a great white canvas background for light-hearted pictures with Jimmy as the star,” Mantesso explains in an interview.


The images have since gone viral; with the fantastic images of Jimmy melting hearts across the world. More info: instagram | Amazon