Man Throws Rock Through Window To Save Dog Trapped In Hot Car

A dog was trapped inside a hot BMW vehicle at a popular camping area in Grand Bend, Ontario. As a musical festival took place, the announcer got word of the dog trapped in the car and asked whoever the owner of the car is to let the dog out. After no one came, a Good Samaritan decided to take action by breaking the window with a big rock. As he kept smashing the rock into the window of the vehicle, a crowd of people stood nearby screaming either “oh my god” or “don’t do it.” The man was eventually able to break the window and open the door. Inside was a weak dog that appeared to be disoriented from the massive amount of heat inside the car. When the man pulled the dog out, the crowd cheered and applauded. The owner eventually showed up about an hour later. The police came and took the dog away from the owner.






Posted by Will Costa on Saturday, June 11, 2016