21 Disney Movie Details That You May Have Never Noticed

Imgur user Rizzivision recently published a fascinating post outlining a series of interesting details from various Disney/Pixar films.

1. In The Lion King, unlike the other lions, Scar’s claws are always displayed throughout the movie.

2. In Cars, the flies are actually tiny VW ‘Bugs’ with wings

3. In Zootopia, while Officer Judy Hopps is ticketing cars around the city, she never crosses the street illegally. She always uses a crosswalk and looks both ways before crossing

4. In Monsters Inc, Sully’s chair has a hole in it to accommodate his tail.

5. In Cars the truck stop advertises “convertible waitresses” i.e., topless.

6. In Ratatouille, Anton Ego’s typewriter resembles a skull and his office a coffin.

7. In Inside Out, two of the memory orbs on the shelves contain scenes from Up. One features Carl & Ellie’s wedding, while the other shows their house.

8. In Toy Story, Woody is trapped in a crate which is stuck under a ‘Binford’ tool-box. Binford is the fictional tool company in the TV show Home Improvement which starred Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear.

9. After the plane is blown up in The Incredible, Helen (Elastigirl) knows the plane debris is going to fall on them due to seeing the reflection in the water.

10. In The Little Mermaid when King Triton is introduced, you can see Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Kermit the Frog in the crowd.