Mom Sews Incredibly Accurate Disney Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear At Disney World

Lane Rouch, a three year old from Florida, is a popular visitor to Orlando Disney World. She sets eyeballs rolling each time she visits Disney World, all thanks to her designer mom Jennifer Rouch, who dresses her up every time in costumes which are similar to the Disney characters, making her look like a character straight out from a Disney movie.

Her mother, Jennifer Rouch, is passionate and highly creative when it comes to costume making, who picks the materials required for the costumes from the thrift shops. Nowadays, Jennifer and her husband Chad, visit the Orlando Disney World on a weekly basis, as even Lane Rouch is an avid fan of the Disney characters. Do not miss to see her the next time you happen to visit Disney World!

More info: | Instagram (h/t: huffpost, designtaxi)

Tarzan and Jane

Disney Costumes little girl

“We wanted her to not be crippled by shyness, so we took her to a place where a kid could feel happy and safe to dream and play and be themselves or anyone they want to be.”

Disney Costumes little girl

Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Disney Costumes little girl

Disney Costumes little girl


Disney Costumes little girl

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