‘Dishwasher Cooking’ Is Apparently A Thing That People Are Doing Now…

Dishwashers – it’s pretty much in the name. You use it to wash your dishes, providing you with more time to do as you please, such as cooking food in your dishwasher… That’s apparently what some people have taken to do. How the idea came about we will never know, but it actually works and people have taken to doing it for some strange reason. Now there it is worth mentioning that the food is placed into sealed jars before being cooked, so it’s not a case of leaving your food out in the actual dishwasher to be cooked!

Once you have a container safely sealed, it’s a case of placing it on the top rack of the dishwasher, hitting the highest setting and waiting for the warm water to cook your food through. It’s really that simple!



Granted there will be limitation with what you can cook, so don’t make plans to cook your next Christmas dinner in your dishwasher! The most common foods that can be cooked using this odd method are vegetables and seafood – take a browse online for some instruction videos and see for yourself!