40 Things That Look Like Delicious Food But You Should Not Try To Eat

21. This Printer At Work Uses Small Colored Balls For Ink, They Look Like Forbidden M&M’s

delicious foodMaxDusseldorf

22. Forbidden Croissant (Sofa)


23. This Kiwi Looks Weird Though

delicious foodjohnfcknallen

24. Forbidden English Muffin


25. Forbidden Rare Steak

delicious foodTaylorTheDude

26. Forbidden Cinnamon Sugar Donut Hole


27. Landscaping Stone I Found That Looks Exactly Like A Hunk Of Crab Leg Meat

delicious foodDemBai7

28. Forbidden Cookie Dough. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?


29. This One Rock In The Entryway Of A House

delicious foodnext_exit_20_miles

30. Forbidden Loaf Of Bread