Two Graphic Designer Pen-Pals Tell Each Other About Their Lives Using Only Infographics

Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi; who are both award-winning information designers have been pen pals since a long time; but in a different way altogether. While Stefanie is a resident of London, Lupi is based out of New York and they have met each other only twice. They were awestruck looking at each other’s work over the years and hence, they started a data-drawing collaborative project which is stretched for a year, named Dear Data.


Dear Data is a project in which each of them collects data about their lives on a weekly basis and the draw it on a postcard-sized paper; following which they send it across to each other. Each of their postcards is themed and is highly informative while showing the brilliance of art as well. While Lupi has small and detailed designs, Posavec uses bold and big doodles. You can view all their postcards that are published on a book and it is available on Amazon as well.

Week 1



Week 5



Week 7



Week 8