Dazzling Fossilized Opal Beams Rainbow Sparkles That Glow in the Dark


Are you someone who loves glittering rocks and a fantastic finished look when you bring home one of those prized stones?  If so, this is something you might want to put on your must-have list.  It’s a glittering beam of opal, a precious stone that is known for how brilliant and glittering it is when it is compressed into a stick or a small piece.

This particular piece that is so glittering and glows in the dark for all of the eyes to admire, is rated at over 1 million dollars and it was found by a miner in Coober Pedy Australia.  This is one of the most famous places to mine for opal in the entire world.  Whether you are someone who is interested in rocks or not, you have to admit that this is absolutely dazzling and will capture your eye – and your heart – and hold it for a while as you sit there and drool over these photos.  If you have the money, this beauty could be yours, too!  You might want to start counting your pennies so that you can bring it home yourself.

dazzling-fossilized-opal-beams-rainbowRichard Lyons courtesy of South Australian Museum

dazzling-fossilized-opal-beams-rainbowDenis Smith courtesy South Australian Museum