Dad And Baby Girl Looks Adorable In An Hilarious Pics Taken With Costumes

The California dad of Zoe, Shalom Ber Solomon who is 36 years old does not need any convincing thought from his daughter to play dress-up. He has gotten a flair for matching costumes, and the pictures he took with Zoe are going viral seriously. Solomon and Zoe have taken a host of characters from hula dancer, ballerinas, to a bucket of fried chicken. Previously the vintage shop owner is known for posing in silly outfits, but with the addition of incredibly adorable Zoe his act has been increased to 10. “I intend to take photographs with her as long as she is with me,” he informed the daily Mail. On Facebook about 3 thousand likes have piled up for them, and their story keeps spreading across media platform just like wildfire. To be honest, we all wish to have someone like Zoe who would dress up in fabulous costumes like this with us. Do have a check on some of their knee-slapping get-ups below..

Sholom Ber Solomon