These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part II)

21. I Can Relate

funny Wildlife Photos
Cedrick Louault

22. One Of The Rarest Moments I’ve Ever Come Across In My Entire Life. Nailed. It.

Fräulein Hauteclocque

23. I Stayed In Nashville And Was Told There Was A Baby Groundhog In The Garden. I Got Obsessed With Seeing It And To My Delight It Appeared On The Last Morning. I Think It Thought It Was Hidden Behind The Pole

Crap Wildlife Photos
Felicity Cowie

24. Disappointed Old Man Dove Gives You One Minute To Get The Heck Off Of His Lawn

Wildlife Photo fails
John Scharpen

25. I Don’t Want To Talk About It

funny Wildlife Photos
Kevin Becker

26. Hey Sexy

Crap Wildlife Photos
Alex Kuier

27. He Caught Me

Lizzy Lizzard

28. It’s That Crazy Door To Door Salesman Again

Crap Wildlife Photos

29. Came In Looking For A Midnight Snack, I Assume

Crap Wildlife Photos
Ellie Els

30. He’s Angry About Something

Wildlife Photo fails
Gregory Jahner III