Her Dad Brought Home A Strange Puppy. But Look Closely… Because That’s NOT A Regular Dog.


Have you ever wanted a puppy?  Do you like little puppies?  This story is for you, then.  This father brought home a puppy for his little girl, a seemingly normal thing. 


However, it became clear pretty quickly that this was no normal puppy, but a coyote instead. 


Growing up to the lovely natural creature that he is, this coyote eats cooked meat – he has a soft spot for eggs, too – and lives in between his favourite human, and an outside enclosure that gives him all sorts of things that his natural biology finds intriguing, like plants and even his very own den in the ground. 





He goes for walks just like a normal dog, and he’s learned tricks. 



It’s so neat to see that nature can allow humans to take care of wild animals without killing their natural instincts in all shapes and forms.  A sight to see, for sure.


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