Record-Breaking Costa Rica Uses 100% Renewable Energy for 113 Days (and Running)

Are you into renewable energy?  You’re certainly not alone, as this is a common fascination of a lot of people all over the world for many reasons.  In fact, it’s got the fascination of an entire country all at once – Costa Rica.  This incredible country has been using entirely renewable energy (as in, 100%) for the last 113 days.  Better yet, this experiment is still running, and the people living inside these borders are working to see just how long they can go without depending on the normal methods that we are all familiar with.

It’s incredible to see so much energy and dedication going in to renewable energy, because it’s something that we’re all going to have to get used to at some point in the future (like, yesterday) whether we want to or not.  It’s so cool to see that an entire country is already giving it an honest go, and they’re doing so great with it.  It’s our hope, then, that we can all do that before too long so that we can see just how much we rely on electricity and find ways around it.

Way to go Costa Rica!  So, now that one country has accomplished this, we’re all wondering just which country is going to be next and how long they’re going ot e able to keep it up themselves.  It’s exciting to think about.

costa-rica-renewable-energy-1Raymond Pauly