Confusing Photos That Will Take You a Minute to Understand

A subreddit called r/confusing_perspective is fast approaching 1 million subscribers (871K as of this posting), describing itself as: ‘The place for puzzling perspectives, confusing angles, and missing context.’

The floating fisherman

confusing photoswhywee

What an amazing view!

confusing photos@nxyxm

These bugs are actually what dancing looks like from underneath a glass floor! (STC in San Fransisco).

The reflection of the lamp on the sunglasses

confusing photosyoungack

This cat you thought was a bird

confusing photosjesusgains

And the gamer you thought was a dog

confusing photos@lesbicens

This building looks like an orbiting space station
looking down on Earth

confusing photos610NH

What a beautiful wedding dress

confusing photosHeart-Bubbles

That’s not a bridge, it’s the roof of a building,
and this was filmed from even higher up

What side is she on?

confusing photos


Just a three-legged dog licking his back

confusing photosFatchine

Have you seen my body?

confusing photos0MattyJ0

When you realize the hallway you’re looking down
is actually the top of a stairwell (looking down)

confusing photosgpinsand

Hands on knees, legs behind kids

confusing photosBeardoGREG

This team has a giant unfair advantage

confusing photosFede-K

The Hills of San Francisco

confusing photosTacoPvP

When your barber gives you that tight lineup

confusing photos@yeseniagarrcia

I, for one, welcome our new squirrel overlords

confusing photosSlowMagenta

Luke Skywalker

Stage 5 floater

confusing photoswhywee

Weird flex, but ok

confusing photosGraantje Pappie

The longer you stare the less sense it makes

confusing photosTmorals