This Company Lets Kids Design Their Own Clothes

Jaimee Newberry is a mother of two who came up with a quite brilliant idea – sewing her two daughters a dress made entirely from a design they drew themselves. As the girls’ friends and their parents applauded the idea, Newberry made the decision to start her very own business!

And so Picture This was born, a clothing company that allows children to create their very own designs for their clothes. At the moment only dresses are available, so girls of various ages can draw out a design that will then come to life once the dress has been made.

It is easy to do too, as all you need to do is head over to the company’s website, select the style and size you need and then just print out the design sheet. Then it’s just a case of drawing whatever they want too and then send it back over to the website, who will have it made and delivered within two weeks!
What a great idea, we can only image it’s a matter of time before more clothing styles will become available!

More info: (h/t: babble)