The Colorful Storefronts Reveal the Story of Paris

As part of continued collaboration with Pixartprinting, photographer Sebastian Erras’s moved his lens at the exquisitely decorated storefronts of Paris. The project, named “Paris Re-tale,” aims to spotlight both the city’s shopkeepers and the charming characteristics of their businesses painted signage, intricate tilework, arched thresholds, inviting interior lighting schemes.

“The idea for the project was not only to showcase some of these beautiful and old storefronts in Paris but also to dig a bit deeper and go beyond the image and tell the story,” Erras says. These captivating images of little shops reveal a more colorful side of Paris. Here several of the eye-catching highlights from Erras’s project!

Drew Harré, relaxing at the entrance of his fish and wine restaurant.

paris Colorful Storefronts

Julien Pruvost, executive director of the oldest candle company in France.

paris Colorful Storefronts

Daan Sins (left) and Sébastien Guerra welcome customers to their cosmetics shop.

Alain at the door of his barbershop, the most famous in Paris.

paris Colorful Storefronts

Julien Houssais welcomes sweet-toothed visitors to the luxurious pastry shop he manages.

paris Colorful Storefronts

Bernard Poussin (left) and Diane Junique in front of their two-century-old chocolatier.

Storefronts of paris

Elisabetta Orsoni, a communications officer, waits at the entrance of the natural-history store in Paris.

colorful Storefronts

Boris Lumé, standing proudly at the entrance of his lovely bakery-confectionery.

Jacqueline Lemoine, below the lion that welcomes visitors to her art gallery.