Rescuers Were Trying To Save This Horse… But Watch Who Comes Up From Behind Her!

Authorities at a coastal town in Colombia called Dagua received a call about how a horse fell into a deadly machine called a sand grinder. This is a machine which is normally used to crush rocks, so to any living thing it would be lethal. Columbian authorities in the town quickly went to the horse’s location to try and rescue it. The horse was moving frantically while trying to get out but he was losing energy the more he tried. This caused one person to jump into the water to help push the horse out of there from the back. The idea worked and the horse was saved.


En el marco de la ejecución del sistema integral de seguridad rural, y gracias a un oportuno llamado de auxilio, logramos evitar que este juguetón amigo perdiera su vida en una trituradora de arena del municipio de Dagua en el Valle del Cauca.

Posted by Policía Nacional de los Colombianos on Monday, December 7, 2015