10+ Clever Ideas, Hotels Surprised Customers With Their Creativity

11. Hotel Maid Clearly Found My Sunglasses


12. The Design Of The Curtains In My Hotel Room To Ensure That There Is No Annoying Light Gap In The Middle

clever hotel ideastaharoto

13. The Hotel I Am Staying At Has The Fire Evacuation Plans At Ground Level So You Can See Them If Smoke Has Filled The Hallways

clever hotel ideascawclot

14. Instead Of Bibles, My Hotel Has Copies Of 1984

clever hotel ideastherkop

15. The Hotel My Parents Are Staying At In NC To Watch The Eclipse Stocked All Of The Rooms With These

clever hotel ideasRedRacerX

16. Saw This In The Hotel Grounds Where I Was Working

clever hotel ideasmikecorrcircus

17. Hotel I Stayed At Was Formerly A Train Station And Had An Actual Train Inside It, With Rooms Inside Each Car

clever hotel ideasspongecandybandit

18. This Is What Happens If You Tip Egyptian Hotel Service Generously

clever hotel ideas


19. This Kids Menu At The Hotel I’m Staying At

clever hotel ideasgraveyaardvark

20. My Hotel Has The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Next To The Bed Instead Of A Bible

clever hotel ideasamysplat