18 Clever Hiding Spots That People Found In Ordinary Objects

Here are 18 clever hiding spots that people found in ordinary objects.

1. “I designed another Excalibur necklace.”

hiding spots© SecilEldek / Reddit

2. “My piano from 1885 has a hidden pop-out candle holder.”

© kermityfrog / Reddit

3. “This hotel I stayed at has a billiards room through a secret door behind this bookshelf.”

hiding spots© bobert_the_wise / Reddit

4. “This restaurant’s secret menu”

© CommaHorror / Reddit

5. “A secret closet entrance: a Doctor Who TARDIS.”

hiding spots© Surveyor607 / Reddit

6. “There’s a hidden Discover logo on this credit card that only appears under UV light.”

© Leron4551 / Reddit

7. “This toy has a secret message inside of it after a dog rips it open.”

hiding spots© nonosamanthajo / Reddit

8. “My boxers have a secret message on the inside of the fly.”

© insanearcane / Reddit

9. “My friend’s couch has a secret wine compartment.”

hiding spots© GangstahRealMonsters / Reddit

10. “I dropped an old camel souvenir that revealed a secret compartment on its back that I never knew about.”

© Skolas3654 / Reddit