Poor Baby Horse Begins To Drown Alone, Then A Wild Stallion Knows Exactly What To Do

One fine day, Champ, a wild stallion, was grazing along with his family on the banks of Salt River, located in Tonto National Forest, Arizona. Suddenly, there was a group of wild horses that started closing in from the other side of the bank. Champ and his family, being inquisitive, decided to go take a closer look at the family of wild horses; and started to cross the river.

Within a few minutes, the current increased rapidly and as a result, the group of wild horses started drifting downstream. Eventually, while the adults in the group managed to balanced themselves, a baby horse from the group and started struggling in the water.
Champ decides to rescue it and goes after her. He tried to grab her by the side, but is unable to. Finally, Champ grabs her by the neck softly and slowly helps her back to the bank, without letting go until the baby horse is safe.

The baby horse then rushes to its mother and then, Champ crosses the river to meet the group of wild horses. It was indeed a sight to see such a lovely bonding.

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