It Looks Like a Usual Camper in the Outside But Once Converted, You Will Say Wow!

“The Urban Campsite”

Designers Francis Nijenhuis and Annette van Driel are the ones who created “The Urban Campsite”. Their camper comes with a shade structure that you can see at the clear portion of it which could be elevated or it can be lowered to allow some light from the sun to enter the camper. Can you imagine yourself enjoying sunbathing with no mosquitoes?

The Urban Campsite

The Mobile Camper

The mobile house unfolds just like the accordion when it is moved from the street and it is also prepared for the setup. What else you can ask for?

A Mobile Camper

It is Expandable

When parked at the target destination of it, the floor space of the camper would be tripled in terms of its size. It offers more space so that you can do more things you love to do at your home sweet home.

It’s Expandable

The Ground Plan

It is very roomy that anyone can really make a house of it. You do not have to mind that is a camper. You will feel like you are living in your own house. Can you imagine how great that is?

The Floor Plan

A Very Surprising Luxury

For those people who cannot have fun in cooking over the fire and are peering outdoors, this particular model of camper would be the one to offer all the luxuries of the contemporary home that is being supplied whilst you are taking a trip by land.

A Surprising Luxury