15 Easy Camera Hacks That Will Turn You Into An Expert in Photography

We collected some of the best camera hacks that will save you tons of money.

1. Use Tinfoil To Create A Wall Of Bokeh

camera hacksCOOPH

2. Use A Fishtank To Get That Underwater Shot

camera hacksCOOPH

3. Use A Piece Of Cloth And A Cardboard To Create A Portable And Inexpensive Seamless Background System

camera hacksTaylor Mathis

4. Use A Plastic Bag For A Softbox Effect

camera hacks
Sheldon Evans

5. Use A Towel As Video Slider

camera hacksSheldon Evans

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Add Lights With Regular Bulbs

camera hacksBrandon Woelfel

7. Manipulate Visual Perception Using Forced Perspectives

camera hacksCOOPH

8. Get That Perfect Top-Down Photo For Your Instagram

camera hacks


9. Remove Tourists From Your Pictures Using These Simple Steps

camera hackswindsywinds, toomanyadapters

10. Cut Out A Heart Shape In A Cardboard For A Heart-Shaped Bokeh

camera hacksglobetrotterdiaries

11. Easy-Macro Lens Hack

camera hacksCOOPH

12. Use Your Sunglasses As A Filter

camera hacksCOOPH

13. Instant Fake Macro Bokeh

camera hacksSheldon Evans

14. Use A Plastic Bag Smeared With Vaseline For A Soft-Focus Lens Effect

camera hacksfreepeople

15. Cut Different Shapes In A Cardboard For A Window Shadow

camera hacksLearn photo editing