Camera Captures A Short Standoff Between A Coyote And A Cat

A security camera on a home in Denver, Colorado, caught the moment a cat fought off a coyote on August 7. Jason Zaffuto of Arvada, near Denver, said that he was working late at his home when he saw the coyote run-up to the stray cat, which he and his wife had been feeding.

The footage shows the cat outside the house’s front door, eating on the foot that the couple leaves out for it. At around 12:34 a.m. the cat raises its back and hisses at the sight of the coyote running up to it. The canid tries to approach the feline, but gets a near-swat in the face and moves back.

The entire commotion alerted the family dog. The cat fought off the coyote, while Zaffuto ran outside to chase it away. The security footage shows the moment the coyote comes up to the cat, who takes a swipe at the coyote before both animals run away. Zaffuto said that he saw the cat later and it appeared to be fine.

The family says they are aware of the pack of coyotes in the neighborhood but had never seen them approach their home before. “Definitely a first for me, I was just surprised to see one run up to my front door like that.” said Zaffuto