39 Brutal Comebacks, These People Deserved To Get ‘Destroyed’ In The Comments

The subreddit “Murdered By Words” is dedicated to sharing brutal comebacks to people who deserved by getting ‘destroyed’ in the comments.

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1. Deutscher Patriotismus vs. American Patriotism

brutal comebacksFloatingSpaceTrash

2. A Very Important Point


3. “Educate Your Self”

brutal comebacksreddit.com

4. That’s A Stupid Reason To Ban Transgender People


5. Anti Vaxxer Pretends To Be Educated


6. Just Try Not Being Straight For Awhile


7. The Best Putdowns Come From The Truth

brutal comebacksCptMatt_theTrashCat

8. This Comeback Belongs In The Hall Of Fame


9. In The Interests Of Public Safety

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10. I’d Expect No Less At Dollar General