Cosplay Skills By This Mom Are Actually Ruling The Internet! Why Don’t You Check It Out?

How many of you would have expected to run into a grizzled mom while at a cosplay convention? The agelessness of this woman, Solange, based out of Manaus, Brazil, is one of the women with a spot-on costume.

Also known as Tia sol, which means Aunty Sun, she buys individual pieces of clothes online and puts them all together on her own. When she spoke to us, she said that her friend was of the idea that she did not have any guts. She was given the task of choosing a character and preparing a costume without describing a single word about it.

She also does local cosplays despite her popularity. Among her favorites are Yubaba from Spirited Away and Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

She had never expected the younger generation to receive it in such a nice manner and is glad to have started on this path. She is planning her next event due for December, and is now working on her new cosplay, Granny Jiju from Jorel’s brother. What do you think about this super-cool mom?

More info: Facebook (h/t)

1. Yubaba, Spirited Away

2. Muriel, Courage The Cowardly Dog

3. Fairy Godmother, Shrek

4. Gramma Tala, Moana

5. Granny, Looney Tunes

6. Fairy Godmother, Cinderella

7. Ursula, The Little Mermaid

8. Sophie Hatter, Howl’s Moving Castle

9. The Bored Witch, The Triplets And…

10. Madame Mim, The Sword In The Stone

11. Rita Repulsa, Power Rangers

12. Dungeon Master, Dungeons And Dragons

13. Kaede, Inuyasha

14. Toph Beifong, Legend Of Korra

15. Genkai, Yuyu Hakusho