People Brand New Sentence That Probably No One Has Ever Thought Of Before

40 times people brand new sentence that probably no one has ever thought of it before. A Reddit page collects those sentences and shares them, here are 40 of the funniest ones of them.

1. We’ll Keep Ye Plump As A Partridge

new sentencebenphillip

2. Name That Death Megatron 300


3. Griefcase

new sentencemalonza_muli

4. I Do Not Vibe With This Soil


5. Soak It In Olive Oil

new sentence2Apples3

6. He’s My Biological Dog


7. Marked Slices Of Tree

new sentenceKatieOldham

8. Brad And His Cloud Of Lies


9. Is America The Rest Of The World’s Florida?

new sentenceShinigamiDady

10. No No, He’s Got A Point