The Postmodern BEST Store Facades That Designed With The Ironic Loss

In the mid-1970s, Sculpture In The Environment (SITE) designed a series of BEST Store’s facades for nine showrooms across the US. These postmodern facades are an incredible series of architectural commentaries on consumerism that were so in tune with material culture.

Indeterminate Façade – Houston, Texas – 1974

BEST Store Facades

BEST Store Facades

Tilt Building – Towson, Maryland – 1976

BEST Store Facades

BEST Store Facades

BEST Store Facades

BEST Parking Lot Building – Designed for Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA – 1976

Forest Building – Richmond, Virginia – 1979

ironic stores

ironic store facades

Rainforest Building – Hialeah, Florida – 1979


Notch Building – Sacramento, California – 1977

Inside/Outside Building – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 1984

postmodern store facades