Belgian supermarket unveils plan to sell food grown on their own rooftop garden


Natural living and self-sustainment is an important thing our world now days.  It is important for us to find natural ways to live simply because our world is not going to hold out in this pattern for much longer.  More and more people are learning how to plant gardens and create food this way, and now supermarkets are starting to head in the same direction.  Just take a look at this Belgian supermarket and see for itself.

Rather than import vegetables, this supermarket is working on a rooftop greenhouse so that they can sell their own greens and fruits so that people can buy local and also make sure that they are sustaining themselves so that if importation is not happening in the future, they are fine.  It’s so inspiring to think that we can develop all of this ourselves, yet not many people are actually taking part in it.

If we want our world to survive for generations in the future, it’s clear that we need to start making time and effort for these kinds of endeavours.  After all, all you need to do is make use of wasted space and you will be able to enjoy a fresh garden full of food that is grown at your own hand.  How satisfying does that sound to you?

Delhaize Boondael plans to sell produce grown in their own rooftop garden.


They will grow vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and eggplant.


The garden will also include a greenhouse so produce can be grown during the entire year.


Via RTBF and The Brussels Times Images via Delhaize and Pixabay