40 Interesting Behind The Scenes Facts That Will Make You Surprised


behind the scenesPainMatrix

I like the one about Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy shoots the sword fighter. He was supposed to fight him in a shoot that would’ve taken 3 days. However Ford was really sick from dysentery and so convinced Spielberg to do it this way.


This is a smaller one than the plethora of LOTR info already here, but still one of my favorites:

In the movie “The Holiday”, there is a scene in a video rental store where Miles (Jack Black) is introducing Iris (Kate Winslet) to a variety of famous music from movies – Chariots of Fire, Gone With The Wind, etc. When he gets to “The Graduate”, he starts singing “Mrs. Robinson”, and the camera cuts over to Dustin Hoffman, shaking his head at their conversation.

Dustin Hoffman’s cameo was completely unplanned – he knew the director, saw a bunch of equipment at the Blockbuster, stopped in to say hi, and they wrote his cameo in on the spot.



Don’t know if it’s that great, but it’s my favourite:

In the Dark Knight, whenever The Joker is leaving the hospital as it explodes and then pauses to fiddle with the detonator when the explosions stop, that wasn’t supposed to happen and Heath Ledger fiddling with the detonator was ad libbed and Nolan decided to keep rolling and include it in the film


behind the scenesHoboChique

In Goodfellas, the spaghetti they’re eating was cooked by Scorsese’s mother.


In Alien Resurrection, Sigourney Weaver really did make that no look, over the shoulder basketball shot. Ron Perlman almost blew the take because he was so surprised!


In Die Hard, when filming the shot of Alan Rickman falling from the window, they gave him a countdown, and then dropped him as they said one.

The shock on his face as he’s released is all real.



In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the snakes, being cold-blooded, went towards the thrown torch, causing the director to complain at the snakes, “you’re ruining my movie!”


behind the scenesDuckfatPopcorn

In the flower shop scene in “The Room”, when Johnny says “oh hi, doggy”, that was a genuine reaction. He didn’t realize that the dog was – in his own words – “a real thing”.



In Anchorman, during the Sex Panther scene, Paul Rudd was determined to make Will Ferrell laugh and break character since it was always the other way around. He thought that this would be accomplished with the “60% of the time it works, every time” line. Will fired back with “that doesn’t even make sense” line without skipping a beat once again making Paul/Others break character yet again.


behind the scenesttothesecond

Apparently the scientists for Interstellar did so much theoretical physics to get the wormhole and black hole effects right that their work is going to be published into a scientific paper. Can’t find a source on that right now though.