20 Before & After Photos Of Rebellious Teenagers

Time flies, life changes. People share before and after photos of themselves comparing as a teenage rebel vs. now!

1. Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met Vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase

before after teenage rebelsVinnySanchez

2. Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015)

Chris Porsz

3. These Are My Rebellious Siblings And I As Punk Teenagers, And This Is Us Now!

before after teenage rebels

4. Then I Was Studying To Become A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink. Now I’m A Designer Listening To Brand New, Death Cab And Blink And Having My First Kid


5. I’m The Mom To A Neat 4-Year-Old, I’m Married, And I’m The Manager Of A Local Convenience Store. All Things I Told Myself At Fifteen That I’d Never Do. 15 And 25 Years Old


6. I Became A Fireman, If I Talked To Myself 8 Years Ago And Said You Would Cut Your Hair And Become Part Of The Fire Department I Would’ve Never Believed Myself


7. After The Whole Emo Stuff I Went To A Videogame School, Learned To Code, And Now Am Working At An Awesome Startup. Definitely A Phase. But I Really Had Good Times. And Also Did Very Stupid Shit, Especially With Drugs


8. Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing Consultant


9. I’m Still Listening To Brand New, Work As An Administrative Coordinator For A Fortune 500 Company And Up Until Now Never Noticed It Wasn’t Really A Phase


10. Before – Year 2005, My 18 Year Old Emo Self. After – Year 2015, I Am A Loving Father And Husband. What A Difference 10 Years Can Make


11. Became An Infantryman For The US Army. Going To College, Studying International Security And Conflict Resolution

before after teenage rebelsJToth11X

12. Hated Life, Wore Black, Insulted Anyone Who Listened To Britney Spears. Now I’m In My Second Year Of My PhD. And Also Love To Rock Out To Britney Spears

before after teenage rebelsNonAnonRedditAccount

13. I Was Super Scene/Emo As A Teenager But I Guess Being So Into Customizing My Myspace Profile Got Me Into Coding, Now A Full Time Web Developer And Mom To A 4-Year-Old

before after teenage rebelsreddit.com

14. This Was Me In My Emo Days, Green Hair And Everything. Now I Work A Corporate Job To Pay My Studies As A Web Developer And Designer. I Am A Part Time Tattooed Model, And Aspiring Actress

before after teenage rebelsgoldfishteeth

15. Me When I Was 15/16 And Now: 21 Year Old And Working In Some Carpenter Job

before after teenage rebelsAxote

16. Early 2000s And Now. I’m In The US Military Now As An Mp. Specifically US Air Force

before after teenage rebelsBaS3r

17. I’m A Tax Consultant At A Big-Four Accounting Firm


18. I’m A Special Education Teacher For High School Freshmen. I Teach Kids Like I Was How Not To Do The Things I Did. So Far, So Good. Me In 9th Grade. Me Teaching 9th Grade

before after teenage rebelssnazzychica2812

19. I’m A Proper Grown Up Now, Working As A Trainer For The Bank, Buying My First Property, Paying The Mortgage. Still Feel Like A Filthy Wee Emo Though


20. I Was The Overly Depressed Girl, Always Wearing Too Much Eyeliner. But Fast Forward To Getting The Right Treatment For My Clinical Depression, I Just Finished My Bachelors Degree