People Share Their Beauty Transformations On “Ugly Ducklings”

The ‘Ugly Duckling’ is a subreddit where people share their inspirational before-and-afters and they are totally awesome transformations!

1. From About 11ish(?) To 25. My Skin Cleared Up, I Got Braces, Learned How To Make Up And Fill In My Eyebrows. I Was Made Fun Of/Very Lonely Growing Up, And I Feel The Way That I Looked Had A Big Impact On Why I Am The Way That I Am Now. “Be Kind”

2. 16-19 Or: How I Learned To Start Shaving And Escape The Neckbeard

3. Age 14 To 19. Lost Some Weight And Gained Some Confidence Along The Way

4. 16-20. Does This Count?

beauty transformation

5. 12 – 24 Even My Family Doesn’t Recognize Me These Days, It’s Nice

beauty transformation

6. Life Begins At 40! 25 –> 40

beauty transformation

7. 13 – 25

beauty transformation

8. Left-13, Right-34

9. Age 17-24, Was Bullied A Lot Growing Up

10. 12 And 29. Still With The Short Hair And Glasses, Some Things Never Change