This Is How Beauty Queens Look on the Catwalk Versus in Real Life


Beauty queens all look beautiful. Of course, audiences do get to see them while they have makeup on and looking fabulous in an attractive looking dress. There are literally hundreds of beauty contests that take place throughout the world. These could be simple bikini contests on the beach or they could be international competitions like Miss Universe. Thousands of girls from around the world partake in these contests. The girls which get chosen as beauty queens are usually controversial and always up for debate. But what do these women look like behind the scenes? Are they still beautiful? Recently, pictures of various beauty queens were posted up on the internet which compare their looks as a beauty queen to their looks in their everyday life. The results showed the women were still beautiful with or without makeup.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Philippines)

Miss Universe 2015

beauty-queens-real-life© James Attoa/ Everett collection   ©  

Deshauna Barber (USA)

Miss USA 2016

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Natalie Glebova (Canada)

Miss Universe 2005

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Mireia Lalaguna (Spain)

Miss World 2015

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Maria Gabriela Isler (Venezuela)

Miss Universe 2013

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Yu Wenxia (China)

Miss World 2012

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Paulina Vega (Colombia)

Miss Universe 2014

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Ksenia Sukhinova (Russia)

Miss World 2008



Azra Akin (Turkey)

Miss World 2002

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Megan Young (Philippines)

Miss World 2013

beauty-queens-real-life© AFP PHOTO/ Romeo Gacad   ©

Rolene Strauss (South Africa)

Miss World 2014

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Yana Dobrovolskaya (Russia)

Мiss Russia 2016

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Olivia Culpo (USA)

Miss Universe 2012

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