Photographer Gets Lost in the Beauty of Tokyo’s Neon Streets at Night

With a touch of cyberpunk in the photos he clicks, Liam Wong has come up with his new work; the photos he captured when he got lost on the beautiful streets of neon-lit Tokyo; capturing its back alleys and corners that are not so popular. He captures the dynamism of the city with neon signs and lights, making each photo look intriguing and futuristic. Have a look at his portfolio and you will feel that you are in a video game world in the capital of Japan.

He has a knack for capturing the best lighting and using combinations to capture some of the most vibrant images. He works as a graphic design director for Ubisoft and has a deep passion for gaming and art. You can have a look at how his artistic abilities have helped him portray Tokyo as a computerized and surreal place!

Liam Wong: Instagram | LinkedIn