Photographer Captures Magical Beauty of Viewing From Bottom to Top in a Forest

Italian photographer Manuelo Bececco captures the quiet beauty of the forest in his stunning landscape imagery. He recently captured the attention of social media users with his impressive photos that show forests from the bottom looking up.

“In the middle of the woods, I seem to see everything in my own way—giant trees or branches that form barriers, irises of the eyes. These are things that I only see in my mind and that I can sometimes turn into photographs.”, Bececco says.

Manuelo Bececco’s forest photos are a striking look at nature’s quiet beauty. The photographs filled with a hint of mystery and awe that draw viewers into a magical world right here on Earth.

Manuelo Bececco: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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sky between trees

magical forest

snow forest

fall in forest

spring in forest

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stunning forest