The World’s Most Beautiful Library Is In Prague, Czech Republic

With awe-inspiring paintings and books that are full of traditional Czech literature, this gorgeous building, The Klementinum library, is home to many the book loving tourist.  It is the home of 20 000 books, too, which is why it attracts so many book lovers form around the world. The ceiling frescoes were painted by artist Jan Hiebl and even today, you can see the marvelous strokes and how they perfect the scenes match the tone of the library. Jorge Luis Bourges even acknowledged the beauty of the library in his Spanish books years ago, the beauty of which still strikes home today. The rare books that live here are starting to become scanned into Google books, and it is the hope that someday in the future they will become available for the book lovers around the world to read. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t still going to want to visit the gorgeous library, though, which is hard to hate. More info:

The World’s Most Beautiful Library

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The World’s Most Beautiful LibraryOlivier Martel Savoie

The World’s Most Beautiful

The World’s Most Beautiful Libraryccmailb

The World’s Most Beautiful

The World’s Most Beautiful LibraryLuizLouisLuix

The World’s Most Beautiful LibraryIztok Alf Kurnik

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